Geriatric Medicine

woman getting weighed

Access a full range of older adult health care and services from expert doctors at the Englewood Health Physician Network in New Jersey and New York. Get the specialized help you need to stay healthy and enhance your quality of life.

What’s a Geriatrician?

Geriatricians are primary care doctors with extra training to diagnose, treat, and prevent health concerns in older adults. When you or a loved one needs to see a geriatrician, you’ll get compassionate, skilled care from a doctor who understands conditions related to aging.

When To See a Geriatrician

Turn to our trained geriatricians for care if you are over 60 years old and have:

  • Long-term, complex, or multiple health conditions
  • A disability that makes it hard to do your daily activities
  • Mental concerns

Care for Seniors

Find specialized geriatric care at Englewood Health and Physician Network and Englewood Hospital  to meet your personal health care needs, including: