Chronic Vein Disease

The job of the veins is to bring blood back toward the heart from other parts of the body.  When veins have had previous blood clots in them, they can become narrowed with scar tissue — like a clogged kitchen pipe.  When this happens, blood backs up in the legs or pelvis, and can cause swelling in the leg, pain and throbbing in the hip or pelvis, varicose veins in the labia or vagina, or leg ulcers.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Vein Disease

Ultrasound is the first step in diagnosing this conditions, but most patients will need a venogram and ultrasound.

A needle stick procedure is used to open narrowed veins. Most times, a balloon is used to stretch the narrowed areas.  Often a stent is placed to keep this area open permanently and ensure that blood flows normally.

Our vascular surgeons are experts in these procedures, and educate others surgeons around the world on how to care for patients with this problem.