Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

If your cancer treatment plan includes chemotherapy or immunotherapy, count on your Englewood Health Physician Network  doctor to guide you through care and help you feel at ease. You’ll receive high-quality services at Lefcourt Family Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center at Englewood Hospital.


Chemotherapy slows or stops the growth of cancer cells by delivering medicine to your body:

  • Through a vein (infusion)
  • Orally (pill)
  • Under your skin or into a muscle (injection)

You may get chemotherapy along with surgery or radiation therapy. Before surgery, chemotherapy may shrink the size of a tumor. After surgery, it can help kill any remaining cancer cells.

Keeping You Comfortable During Chemotherapy

When you get chemotherapy at the Infusion Center at Englewood Hospital, your comfort is our priority. You’ll find:

  • Private treatment area just for you
  • Comfortable recliner
  • TV and touchscreen tablet
  • Large windows letting in natural light


If you have liver cancer, your doctor may recommend chemoembolization. This treatment delivers chemotherapy into the blood vessel feeding your tumor, cutting off the tumor’s blood supply. Your tumor may then stop growing or shrink.


Immunotherapy, also called biotherapy, uses medication to help your body’s natural defenses fight cancer.  It may be given:

  • Intravenously, or through a vein
  • Orally, by mouth
  • Topically, through a cream you rub onto your skin

Immunotherapy may be part of a care plan that includes other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Targeted Cancer Therapy

Some types of immunotherapy are targeted therapies. That means they focus on cancer-related cells and leave healthy cells alone.

Benefits of Immunotherapy

You may have fewer side effects with immunotherapy than with chemotherapy.