Cancer Treatments

Count on your Englewood Health Physician Network oncologist to help create a cancer treatment plan tailored to your condition, preferences, and overall health. You may benefit from one or more types of therapy.

Cancer Medications

You may take cancer mediations by mouth, intravenously (through a vein), or through an injection. They include:
• Chemotherapy – Kills cancer cells or stops them from growing
• Immunotherapy – Helps your body’s immune system fight cancer

Learn more about chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses high-energy waves that you can’t see or feel to kill cancer cells. You might get radiation:
• Externally – Sends beams from a machine called a linear accelerator into your body
• Internally (brachytherapy) – Places tiny, radioactive seeds into or next to a tumor
• Systemically – Uses radioactive drugs to send radiation through your body

Learn more about radiation therapy at the Coe Radiation Oncology Center at Englewood Hospital.

Cancer Surgery

An Englewood Health surgical oncologist (cancer surgeon) may remove part or all of some affected tissue or an organ to diagnose, stage, or treat cancer. Learn more about the role cancer surgery can play in your treatment.

Managing Side Effects

Ask your Englewood Health provider for help lessening side effects of cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy. Pain management, palliative care, and integrative medicine can make you more comfortable in mind and body.