Treating Heart Disease

Cardiac Catheterization

During this procedure, we insert a very small tube — a catheter — into a blood vessel through your arm, groin, or neck, and extend it to your heart. Contrast dye injected through the catheter shows how your heart’s blood vessels are working. If a blockage is discovered, we can open it up by placing a tiny mesh tube known as a stent into the artery, eliminating the need for more invasive surgery.

Bloodless Medicine & Surgery

Englewood Health Physician Network providers participate in a structured bloodless (transfusion-free) program that provides patients for whom blood is not an option with consistently accessible, high-quality care. Learn more about our program.

Call for more information: 201-894-3653 or 888-766-2566.


Cardioversion is a procedure we use to restore normal heart rhythm in people with certain kinds of heart rhythm abnormalities (arrhythmias). During the procedure, we place electrodes on your chest and send electric shocks to your heart.

Coumadin® Clinic

If one of our doctors prescribes the blood thinner Coumadin for you, you’ll need to be monitored closely with regular testing to determine how much or how little the medicine is working to help prevent blood clots.