About Northvale Cardiology

Northvale Cardiology is located at 220 Livingston Street in Northvale, New Jersey, easily accessible to residents throughout northern New Jersey, as well as those in southern New York. We work with patients to address a large range of heart-related conditions, providing advanced testing and treatment.

Since our practice includes two cardiac electrophysiologists, we’re able to offer expert perspectives in evaluating and treating heart-rhythm disorders (arrhythmia), including AFib (atrial fibrillation).

Bloodless Medicine & Surgery

Englewood Health Physician Network providers participate in a structured bloodless (transfusion-free) program that provides patients for whom blood is not an option with consistently accessible, high-quality care. Learn more about our program.

Call for more information: 201-894-3653 or 888-766-2566.

All of our caring, compassionate physicians are committed to partnering with you to improve your heart health so you can live a longer and healthier life.

If you need further specialized medical or surgical care, our connection to the large network of specialists at Englewood Hospital ensures that you will be seen as quickly as possible.