Heart Valve Treatment

The mitral valve is one of  the 4 heart valves.  It is made of two flaps of tissue located between the left upper and lower chambers of the heart.  The normal opening and closing of the valve keeps blood moving in the proper direction and prevents back-flow.

Mitral Clips

Our interventional cardiologists have special expertise treating mitral valve disease that does not require open surgery. Mitral clip placement is an innovative, less invasive treatment for mitral valve regurgitation in patients who are not healthy enough to undergo repair or replacement surgery.

A catheter is used to deliver a small metal clip to the mitral valve.  The clip pins together a portion of the leaflets and prevents some of the backward flow of blood through the heart.

Mitral Valve Surgery

If you have a heart valve that is too damaged for repair and are a candidate for open surgery,  we may recommend heart valve replacement.  An Englewood Health cardiothoracic surgeon replaces the faulty valve in your heart using either a mechanical valve or tissue valve.

Valve replacement surgery typically calls for significant preparation and recovery, including physical therapy and follow-up drug therapy.