Urologic concerns can range from commonplace urinary tract infections (UTIs) to chronic kidney stones and complex prostate or kidney cancer surgery. The specialists at Urology of Englewood Health Physician Network have the expertise to treat them all.

We offer comprehensive care. Our urologists use the latest technology — including minimally invasive robotic surgery — to effectively treat even the most complex cases.

As a patient, you come first. We take the time to truly connect with everyone who comes into our office. Our goal is to provide the highest level of care, in a convenient, community setting.

Services We Offer

At Urology of Englewood Health Physician Network, we provide expert diagnosis and effective treatment for a wide range of urologic conditions. Our specialties include:

  • MRI-fusion prostate biopsy: Our doctors use this advanced technique to guide a biopsy needle and specifically target prostate tumors. This means earlier and more accurate diagnosis for prostate cancer without the need for repeated biopsies.
  • Complex kidney stone treatment: We perform percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), an advanced procedure for treating large, complex, or persistent stones.
  • Robotic urologic surgery: Our surgeons are specially trained in robotic procedures for complex prostate and kidney cancer surgery. Using robotic devices offers more precise tumor removal with fewer complications.
  • Kidney-sparing surgery: We specialize in partial nephrectomy, a technique that removes only kidney tumors, not the entire organ.
  • Innovative treatment for enlarged prostate: We are proud to offer the UroLift® system to treat enlarged prostate (also called BPH). During this outpatient procedure, we lift (rather than remove) excess prostate tissue so that it no longer blocks the urethra. This provides relief from BPH symptoms without the risk of incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

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