Valve Disease Treatment

At HVA Medical Group we offer minimally invasive options for heart valve disease.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)

TAVR, or TAVI, is a unique type of aortic valve replacement that does not require a surgeon to open your chest.

This minimally invasive surgical procedure enables us to correct a damaged valve without removing it. Instead, a replacement valve is inserted within it, creating a valve within a valve.

This technique differs from standard valve replacement surgery because it can be done through small incisions and does not require a sternotomy (surgical opening of the chest). This key difference significantly improves your recovery time and lowers your risk of infection and complications.

Surgery for Heart Valve Disease

If you have a heart valve that is too damaged for repair, we may recommend heart valve replacement. During this operation, a surgeon surgically opens your chest (performs a “sternotomy”) and replaces the faulty valve in your heart using either a mechanical valve or tissue valve. Valve replacement surgery typically calls for significant preparation and recovery, including physical therapy and follow-up drug therapy.