Whether you have a gynecological concern or a chronic medical issue that needs an alternative approach, Dr. Galit Steinberg can help. Her multidisciplinary practice involves both gynecology and functional medicine.

As a gynecologist, Dr. Steinberg sees women of all ages and life stages. She treats a wide range of women’s health issues affecting teenagers though women in menopause and beyond.

As a functional medicine doctor, Dr. Steinberg treats both men and women. She specializes in finding solutions that incorporate an integrative approach. Functional medicine is a practice of identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. She dives deeply into your lifestyle, diet, sleep, stressors, and digestive health. Her goal is to find and treat the underlying cause of your health issue.

Services We Offer

Dr. Galit Steinberg treats women for all their gynecologic needs. She also sees both men and women for functional medicine appointments. Her practice’s specialties include:

  • Adolescent gynecology: Dr. Steinberg sees women starting in their teens. She helps them understand and embrace their bodies’ changes and provides counseling for body image issues.  She also encourages open conversation about sexuality and contraception.
  • Pre-conception counseling: Dr. Steinberg believes that in order to have a healthy pregnancy, you have to be in your best state of health. She works with women before conception, helping them prepare for pregnancy.
  • Gynecologic health screenings: Your annual well-woman exam includes important screenings, such as PAP smears, STD testing, and breast exams.
  • Treatment for menopausal concerns: If you’re experiencing hot flashes, vaginal dryness, or mood changes during menopause, Dr. Steinberg can help.
  • Functional medicine solutions: Patients come to Dr. Steinberg for concerns such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, digestive and bowel disorders, weight management, and sleep disorders. She uses a variety of testing methods to help identify the root cause of the problem and provide innovative treatments.

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