Treating Heart Disease

Are you dealing with a heart condition, or at high risk of developing one? You’re in the right place. Our office provides a full range of care for any concerns with the heart and blood vessels.

Our team of cardiologists, cardiac nurses, and other heart health professionals is dedicated to providing you advanced care and friendly support at every step, from consultations and testing to treatment and rehabilitation.

Most importantly, we work with you to understand what you can do to care for your heart as part of your total health picture, making decisions together to keep as active and well as possible.

Bloodless Medicine & Surgery

Englewood Health Physician Network providers participate in a structured bloodless (transfusion-free) program that provides patients for whom blood is not an option with consistently accessible, high-quality care. Learn more about our program.

Call for more information: 201-894-3653 or 888-766-2566.